Results of our 2017 Patient Survey

In an effort to provide a service tailor-made to patient’s requirements we asked patients to respond to the questions below.

These answers will help us to review the service and ensure we are providing the treatments and therapies most suitable to our patients’ needs.

General: 72 questionnaires received Yes No N/A
Were you given an information leaflet about the service? 55 13 4
If you tried to contact the service was it easy to speak to a member of the team? 61 2 9
Do you feel your privacy and dignity is maintained throughout your visit? 71 0 1
Do you find it a problem to exit a private treatment room directly into the waiting area? 5 62 5
Do you feel the furniture and fittings are comfortable and easily accessible? 69 3 0
On a scale of 1-5, how comfortable and attractive do you find The Well decorations and artwork?

5 = 53, 4 = 11, 3 =  2, 2 = 5, 1 = 0

Do you feel there is sufficient dedicated quiet space to meet your needs? 69 0 3
Waiting times:
Are you satisfied with the length of time between your appointments? 68 3 1
Do you feel you are seen in a manor appropriate to your appointment times? 70 0 2
Would an evening appointment better suit your needs? 8 49 5


What, if any, other services would you like to see at The Well?  (please list)

  • Evening appointments would be helpful.
  • Counselling service would be nice (2 people commented).
  • Could we have a bra measuring service at the Well and a sales shop to sell instead of travelling all the way to Leeds. 
  • Would be a good idea to be given an information sheet of all the treatments and about how “The Well” offers support etc., when diagnosed at the Breast Clinic.
  • Maybe the lighting could be less harsh, dimmer switch and mood lighting would help to promote a more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Look, Good Feel Better Programme (2 people commented)
  • Evening appointments when returning back to work would be ideal.  It has become impossible to continue coming, which I would have loved to have done. 
  • Having experienced Yoga recently I wonder if Tai Chi would be something to consider in the future as well for mind and soul.  Perhaps early evening classes of yoga etc. for patients that have gone back to work. 
  • A talk amongst like minded people.
  • Feel that information about how to access a hairdresser/ barber for removal of hair (shaving) would be very helpful.  I have the hair loss most distressing.  So to have someone able to say don’t worry we know a lady/gentleman who will shave your hair with dignity and privacy would be a lovely thing.  Feel it is a service that maybe could be considered even if it is a signposting system.
  • It would be ideal to book more than one appointment at a time.


If you have benefited from this service, please can you add how it has helped you?

  • The treatments began at a time of challenge / coming to terms with being diagnosed with cancer.  Coming to the Well gave me new experiences / time of feeling I mattered and pampered.  A special environment where care is practiced throughout.
  • Has given me lots of happy hours, help to relax and much much more.
  • The massages make you relaxed.  The hot wax treatment on hands and feet is very effective at improving feeling and response to the damage caused at fingers and bottom of feet through chemo.
  • It’s helped me to feel more relaxed and less stressed.
  • This is my first treatment today, but what I have experienced having the back massage was complete heaven.
  • This was a great pick me up after surgery and radiotherapy.
  • I believe the Well is an important part of your treatment on recovery from cancer.  Firmly believe “well being” is just as important as your physical health and the Well is an oasis of calm and advice away from the hospital.
  • Felt very well after appointments and will continue after the 6 free sessions with Rachel.
  • I think the service is fantastic and invaluable for the recovery of patients.
  • Taking time out from day to day life to relax is lovely.  It makes me sit and be still which is lovely I don’t normally get this with 2 young children.
  • I feel energised and happy when I leave.
  • A chat to Cheryl was very helpful.  I felt that all I said was confidentially kept.
  • I feel comfortable talking to the staff who understands the treatment I have been through.  Everyone is very friendly and supportive.
  • It has been a tremendous help I don’t know what I would have done without it.  I look forward to the sessions and walk out feeling relaxed and with a sensation of healing both inside and out.
  • I felt special after my cancer about what treatments would suit me.  Everyone from the volunteers to the therapists who do the treatments is wonderful.
  • The scarf ladies based on ward 24 are very welcoming and absolutely lovely.  They made me feel relaxed and confident and could not do enough for me.  The room however is not ideal at the hospital because of the lighting and no big mirrors.
  • It has helped me cope with the terrible side effects of chemo, the treatments I have received and the care, understanding and professionalism from the team.
  • Helped with reducing bad side effects from treatment, Acupuncture reduced hot and night sweats and raised energy levels slightly.
  • The treatments are wonderful.  Hot wax with Lucy eases joint pain tremendously.  I have also had shiatsu which relaxes and stretches – fab.
  • Therapists listened to me and made suggestions to best assist me with improving my general health and well being during my treatment and following it.
  • Wonderful staff who understands what I am going through.  Lovely reassuring information and help.  Super service for cancer patients – thank you.
  • It helps me sleep and I am more focused. 
  • I’ve had paraffin wax on my hands and feet which was very relaxing and helped to stop my hands from cracking and cooled both my hands and feet down.
  • The treatments are such a relief from my peripheral neuropathy.  It warms up my hands and feet relieving pain.
  • I have enjoyed massages which I have booked at times of additional stress.
  • It has been positive for me to go somewhere nice, friendly inviting rather than the hospital.
  • The psychological support I have received has been so beneficial.
  • It makes me feel valued and supported.
  • It has made me feel good and not alone.
  • Feel better about myself and know that there are people and organisations that care about me and what I’ve been through.
  • I have had many benefits from coming to the Well, from the physical help that the treatments provide to the friendly caring atmosphere. The staff are patient and attentive, they listen and help when I’m stressed and have huge worries.  The Well has been a huge help throughout my treatment.
  • Just being there when I needed support, made me feel good and normal.
  • The atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door is one of peace, calm and a safe haven.  The staff and volunteers are wonderful and so caring, thoughtful and professional.  Just being able to talk to someone whilst having a relaxing treatment is so welcoming.  I recently joined the Monday lunch yoga class and it is so wonderful, Lucy is so caring and the hour is so relaxing.
  • The ladies are amazing, they you feel at ease, and they listen when you are babbling on.  They make you feel better that you are not on your own.  It is good to talk to people outside of the family.
  • Helps me to feel normal again and the feeling after the appointment cannot be measured.
  • I have felt a definite benefit from treatments such as shiatsu and in particular the reiki sessions have been excellent.  As a result I have a more positive state of mind, after feeling depressed at the end of treatment for cancer.  I would recommend these sessions to anyone.
  • Think the Well is a wonderful provision.  Very proud of what Barnsley has to offer men and women experiencing cancer.  Thank you.
  • Having a massage made me relax and then my nails and eyebrows made me feel better about myself.  I am always made to feel very welcome.
  • Introduced me to new treatments I have never had before.  Relaxing and calm I look forward to visiting.
  • I have gained confidence after chemotherapy, when I lost all my hair and felt a wreck.  The visits to the Well helped so very much.  I look forward to every visit and can’t thank everyone enough.
  • General well being I feel brighter and more comfortable after my treatment.  It helps my physical and emotional well-being.
  • I have appreciated the opportunity to take some time out of treatment and normal life just for me.  It has been nice to come here and “treat” myself and I have always enjoyed chatting with the therapists who have always acted in a sensitive and professional way.  I feel grateful that these 6 sessions were available to me.


Additional information

  • The Well should continue to promote its services more widely if possible.
  • Lovely people, very friendly look forward to all my visits.
  • An excellent service run by committed, dedicated, caring and professional staff.  Highly recommended.
  • I think it is a fantastic facility.
  • All staff very friendly.
  • I have found it a great help mentally and physically.  A big thank you to all involved in my recovery journey.  I was at a very low point and I was led on another path of journey through relaxation techniques.    I am forever grateful to all involved including voluntary staff on meet and greet etc.  I’ve also recently found the Moving Forward course a great help too.  I’m very appreciative of all help given on my personal journey.
  • The Well is a wonderful place to visit and I shall certainly want to carry on coming after my treatment has finished if possible.  It is essential for long term healing.
  • As someone who has never had much “pamper time” the sessions available at the Well are an absolute treat when you are feeling at your lowest.  The positivity felt by all who work there is uplifting.  Thank you.
  • All the staff at the Core and particularly The Well is very friendly and are willing to spare a few minutes to have a chat.
  • Hope it carries on for a long time.
  • A very comprehensive range of treatments, such a fantastic service.
  • The staff are lovely they cannot do enough for you.
  • I have found this service an invaluable part of my recovery.  It is more than the treatments the staff and volunteers treat your normal and don’t pity you which is great during hardship.  I have got a lot of helpful advice thank you for everything you are such amazing people.
  • Great place to visit feel much better and comfortable when I leave.
  • Fantastic place and equally fantastic and enthusiastic caring people!
  • A wonderful place and the treatments are lovely and the staff too are able to share tears and laughter!
  • The staff at the Well are fantastic and always make you feel very special.  I always come away from them smiling.  Thank you for caring for everyone x